First, Are you really keeping your Motivation and Happiness level at the same scale, at any time, any day, of the year?

Second, and, did you know that close to all New Year’s resolutions have failed already in the first week of February, because of lack of motivation?

Well, studies & statistics have shown that 80% of the New Year’s resolutions have failed by the first week of Feb. according to U.S. News and World Report.

After reading since more than 25 years, about ‘Motivation and Happiness’, I have discovered what precisely motivation is and how to keep both, motivation and happiness at the high-level gauge of satisfaction.

Third, not sure where to start?

As a unique support tool, I offer you the FREE Ultimate 21 best step-by-step guide on how to keep your motivation and happiness on high gauge all year long, so you keep your creativity, fulfillment and true happiness.

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First of all, we need to go over what motivation is, exactly.

What is motivation, anyway?

noun: motivation; plural noun: motivations
  • a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.
“escape can be a strong motivation for travel”
synonyms: motivemotivating force, incentivestimulusstimulationinspirationimpulse


  • desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm.
    “keep staff up to date and maintain interest and motivation”
    synonyms: enthusiasmdriveambitioninitiativedeterminationenterprise

    sense of purpose;

    informal get-up-and-go
    “keep staff up to date to maintain their interest and motivation”
  • Motivation is an act and a process

  • Self-Motivation is a force and an influence

Starting with your goal set, your to-do list, what comes next is very often procrastination.

One action or two, and then, … nothing, no follow through. Can you relate?

We all do…

Why? Because motivation is not all in the thinking and planning. It’s not just an act.

Motivation is also a force, as an emotion.

Also, It is in the ‘feeling’! The feelings you have, and you will have all along regarding your goal and the outcome.

Then, what will influence you to stay motivated are your feelings about the entire project and more specifically about the outcome.


What is the relationship between Motivation and Happiness?


You know, this subject is not only a beginning-of-the-year trouble but it also a year-long occurrence.

Seems like, to stay motivated, and filled with happiness, all year long, you cannot ignore your emotions and your feelings.

And feelings are essential and inevitable part of why humans do what they do.

They are critical because the Outcome, the result of your goal is what keeps you filled with emotions.

Therefore, the success of the outcome depends increasingly on your level of positive feelings and happiness you’ll have during the entire project.

Research has shown that happiness increases productivity and success, therefore increase your motivation to do and reach your goal.

Then, Why is your motivation failing? 

Because your goal is not in alignment with who you are.


So the very first step is to choose a goal that is in alignment with who you are, with your feelings. With what you decide to create in YOUR life.

Let’s call it an intention. A ‘strong-valued’ intention that will change your life for the better.

And its result has to be in alignment with your compassion, and your self-love.

Hence, the goal you set is part of YOU. While doing each and every step and baby-steps towards your final goal, all the feelings and emotions will be Yours and will be You.

Above all, your intentions need to vibrate with positive emotions all along your project.


So how to fix this ASAP?

To help you implement the Freedom, the Motivation, The Happiness at any time all year long! Get this Ultimate 21 step-by-step motivation guide.  This list, as shown by numerous studies over 40 years, while increasing your well-being, your confidence and your motivation, will provide you with a remarkable positive effect regarding creativity, fulfillment, and true happiness.

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What positive thoughts will you start your day with, today and every day?



Studies(Stanford psychologist) have shown that some positive thinking quotes and exercises can mean all the difference, to stay happy. The mindset shift will make you happier and more successful. Our brain has a tendency to focus on the negative. Psychologists recommend trying looking at the world through a positive, self-compassionate mindset. Good news: our brain is ‘plastic’ meaning we can learn and grow by experience, throughout life.

  • The Proven Ways of Staying Completely Positively Motivated during the entire year,

Is to focus on your emotions. And the main one is OPTIMISM.

You know what? My best advice is: stop complaining, stop whining, to yourself first and all other people involved in your life.   Look at every day with the eye of positivism, and optimism. Reach out to your heart, with Gratitude.


This ultimate way, as shown by numerous studies over 40 years, while increasing your well-being, your confidence and your motivation, will provide you with a remarkable positive effect regarding creativity, fulfillment, and true happiness.

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  • The mindset of self-compassionate

To modify your thoughts towards positive mindset and become happier, and more productive. Additionally, more successful. , Replace believe in your efforts to achieve something and your value and not in your skills. And replace self-criticism with self-compassion. Tell yourself, ‘I am strong’ ‘I am beautiful’ ‘ I am complete’ ‘ I am worth all of the good happening to me.’

  • Love is superpower energy

Your brain, our brain is wired for safety first in life, it is proven by science. Your brain and Your mind are connected to your Feelings. So from your Heart to your mind, you will be able to overcome and FEEL what you want to express. Your brain will talk you into negativity and anxiety. The remarkable thing is, Love is superpower energy. So use your HEART and Feelings towards Yourself first, to erase the negativity. Use Love Feelings to make You Awesome for your day to be Awesome.

And with LOVE as the main ingredient, use this list each and every day or at your own pace:

  • Reward yourself

The most significant way to increase engagement and satisfaction toward the pursuit of a goal is the reward.  You can increase your Joy, Engagement, and creativity by celebrating small wins. Reward yourself along the way, with whatever will make you feel happier, more confident, and calm.

  • Take a breather

to overcome stressful or anxious situations, take a deep breath with your eyes closed, visualize peaceful scenery or place you love. Breath in – hold 3s – breath out – hold 3s – repeat until you feel focused and calm. Anytime during the day!

  • Also, reading about people’s overcoming their own challenges,

Learning about people’s life made me realize that anything is indeed possible. Finding motivation with groups you associate with. You’ll develop the habits and aspirations of the same goal-set if you’re in a group of the same path.

As you are reading this article, I recommend taking it one step further to bring your feelings into positive thoughts and positive thoughts into positive actions, by following the 21 best step-by-step Guide. This guide will help you process what came up during the reading of the post, get your thoughts out of your head, and begin the authentic, very gratifying, very energizing process of motivational, happy goal-setting and achievement!

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 “Happiness is when: what you think, what you say & what you do are in Harmony“– Gandhi

(Majumdar, Samir. MLA: Majumdar, Samir. “Happiness in India.” Alive, no. 407, Delhi Press, Sept. 2016, p. 48


Inspirational & Motivational advice to apply all year long:

Now, allow Yourself to be the most Awesome, Focused, Free, Powerful and Happy Person you deserve to be during each day of this year: the following step-by-step guided information may be implemented and practiced all year long



Really, I never thought I would say that one day to someone. But I come to a conclusion when I reflect on what my life has offered me in the good things, and because I also listened to hundreds of motivational videos, podcasts, and inspirational gurus, they all say the same: look higher, dream bigger!

Also, I didn’t believe this at first, years ago. I thought it was only worded. Then, I experienced it myself, and I come to this conclusion that when you really define a super high dream, all the baby steps you will do to reach it are just blessings and happiness. They are fun!  🙂

Because you know where you are going! And it is You. This BIG DREAM is YOURS. It fills you up with True Happiness.

Therefore, it is not someone else who said, hey, why don’t you do this and this, this year!…

Above all, listen to your heart, listen to what’s inside.

Good luck on your way to Happiness.

To help you implement the Freedom, the Motivation, The Happiness at any time all year long! Get this Ultimate step-by-step Motivational guide.  This list, as shown by numerous studies over 40 years, while increasing your well-being, your confidence and your motivation, will provide you with a remarkable positive effect regarding creativity, fulfillment, and true happiness.

So which ones of the 21 step-key-solutions will you implement this year towards greater success and happiness?

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