Here’s what Elisa Card Mompreneur with 5 Boys is Saying About Leadership as A Parent

Leadership as a parent;
Leadership is fascinating, to my eyes, for many reasons.

And leadership was around me always from childhood to professional career.

But first, on this Mother’s Day, with love, pride and gratitude, I dedicate this post to my Mother.

Reality is that I was born in a family of four, two younger sisters, and one older brother, (very close in age) so I was a leader-by-rank already with my two younger sisters.

My mother has always been a leader and a value figure. My Dad too, with his kindness, care, joy and thoughtfulness.
My mother is a commander-in-chief, a woman-boss. Very kind and loving, but determined and leading the house with virtual principles, which remains forever, already taught by her parents.

Therefore, both of them showed us how to be ourselves and taught us how to make a difference.

Now, as a parent of 5 sons myself, I have constantly been in situations where you transfer value to another person.
And as you may know, this doesn’t come with a manual.

From my experience, I noticed during my 20’s that learning from other people’s advices or behavior, older, wiser, different, and looking up to them could be very valuable.

Since then, I’ve always paid attention on how people do what they do, how or why they tell you something nice which makes you grow…

Leadership is fascinating in many ways as it is always evolving, as a leader in your family, this is a learning-position.
Additionally, it keeps you out of your comfort-zone.
As your family is growing, despite the turbulences at teenage, children, growing young adults will help you grow too.
For your best use, I listed here 7 of the most fascinating qualities of a leadership-parent:

  1. A parent shows power, control, decision making ability
  2. He/ she carries passion, love and affection with no limit unconditionally
  3. He/ she has charisma, allure, leads by example – also I call it be-creative-mind
  4. He / she offers respect – with flexibility and open-mind
  5. He / she gives alarm – provides advices and becomes the confidant: this is the jewel of being a parent
  6. He / she remains calm, let’s call it the calm-strength: ‘force-tranquille’ in French, mastering this, is reaching the high skies of a serene home
  7. He / she encourages trust, faith, confidence

And from there, let me tell you, you are on your way to an incomparable parenting experience.
You may only choose to implement 3 or 4 points and already be an exceptional parent.

Surprise! I have a gift for you: 🙂
These following tips are what my Mother taught me, and I am teaching my boys these great potentials:

  • You have outstanding value
  • Always be kind
  • Always keep in mind your target and that every day counts

And so on this Mother’s Day, I encourage you to take a bit of time to reflect on your own approach to leadership, and consider how your mom might have influenced it. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, and to all moms around the world!

Be different, Be HAPPY, Be YOU

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