One little anecdote may teach you a lot about Your Parenting Millennial skills

As the summer season kicks off, vacation time is here for all students, many schools and colleges are out of session, parents are less stressed, less overwhelmed with busy academic schedules for their teens, millennials children.

We all are excited to prep our travel plans. To finish up every detail.

It is travel time, and this brings a story back to my memory.

Let me tell you about it, and how to keep the right mindset over a stressful situation with your teenagers/millennials.

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The story of the airport departure, international flight, very early on a Sunday morning:

One Sunday morning during one of the last passed summers, very early, driving to Paris from our countryside home.

We are living one hour away South from Paris, (70 miles away to be precise), so, before sunrise, we take off early to pick up my traveler-son Matt from our Paris apartment to CDG international airport.

We have prepared this trip for months, with special visa, tests, medical exam, vaccination. The excitement of the departure is always palpable. Safely, we were well prepared.

Surprisingly, we discover that he is not there at the apartment. Only his suitcase is standing there.
The apartment is empty.

His phone is not answering.

Stress is kicking … worry is overwhelming

Calling friends around to see where he could be…

Learning that he had spent the evening with a friend who drove him back to the apartment. So, he should be there!

My heart starts beating faster, and I can feel the pressure in my chest. My heart squeezed and crumbling. Stress is growing even more, where could he be? Then the brain focuses on keeping the calm, breathing, breathing and breathing slowly to find the smart, logical thinking.

Then the issue could be, he is not here, hoping nothing happened to him. He could miss his flight, and the flight is not vital anyway, as now the importance is the safety of my son. Where is he?

What did he do after the friend dropped him at the apartment after midnight? Where did he go? Stress is at its maximum.
Calling more friends … However, so early at 6 AM on a Sunday morning, you cannot call everybody… Thinking, thinking, text-messaging friends, …

The time passes by, and if we do not hear from him, for sure, he will miss his flight.
What is more important his trip or his safety? Of Course, again thoughts of worries are rushing towards the safety, hoping everything is fine.

And, suddenly, the door opens and Mr. Matt. is there! Out of breath but smiling. He says: “I just went out to see if I could find a store to buy an energy drink * … “you know, I didn’t sleep much last night.”

Then you take the deepest breath you have had in a long time.

Afterward, you feel so relieved and thankful that he is all fine and at the same time, you want to scream at him that he is not responsible for going outside for an energy drink when he is supposed to be at the airport for an international flight!

With an exciting overseas summer job at the end, you put all this at stake, for an energy drink!* Are you serious?

Then you want to laugh because if you had to invent the story, would you have enough imagination?

What would be the best reaction?

As a parent, we are leaders. We need to show the best in leadership.

Moreover, the below quote can help you reevaluate the situation at hand:
A quote from Epictetus makes it very clear: “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it” that matters.

During the last twenty years, I have been a busy-single-working-mom- raising five boys every single day. Besides, I’ve always wondered how other single parents could make it. Easily, smoothly.

Therefore, there is something I have implemented very early as a young mother.
It is to learn from parenting books of course, but furthermore to pay attention very carefully, observing and then practicing other parents or teachers’ smart, intelligent way of interacting with children. Committed to applying constructive methods in harmony with the children’s beneficial.

During their kindergarten and elementary years, my first three boys were attending a Montessori school in a tiny city in Texas. I will always remember how calm the teacher was. She was almost whispering to the kids, so they had to be quiet. She was mastering the empowerment she had as a teacher in being very loving, passionate about the kids.

Additionally, what impressed me the most is the way she reacted when children became wild. She was just doing nothing. Just waiting for them to come back at her, to calm down. And again, she was whispering.

How wonderful! This is something I cultivated again and again. Of course, there was no lack of occasions, I’m telling you.

The big leaders, remain calm and have a deep respect for others.

The one parenting advice you must use all the time and repeat, again and again:


Always look for the good in every situation.
No matter the issue, there is a part of you that knows the solution. The Key is to get quiet, to find it!

And make sure you teach your children, the mastering of calm.

Lead by example!

So here as support in your parenting venture, enjoy my ‘Parenting 7-Instant-Problem-Solver-Solutions Check-List’. This downloadable will provide you with 7 valuable keys.

What is your one key advice to other parents?

Let me know in the comments below.

*(First, my education towards industrial products, food, prepared food, soft drinks, is very conscious. These kind of industrial goods are running counter to my deep way of eating and drinking healthy. Secondly, it is evident that marketing messaging have a profound impact on the Millennial Gen. buying decisions. Like no other generation, Millennials are driving when, where and how they engage with the marketing messages that matter to them, the products they want to buy and the brands they support. More than any other generations before. Post on this subject available soon)

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