1. Do you know the secrets of your authentic power?

From shyness and lack of confidence, I barely talked during conversations to building a 6-figure business. And becoming the leader for my five-son-tribe but also for my community and an international woman networking community.

From being shy, I had to do so much work on my shyness and limiting beliefs of “not being enough”;

I want to share with you 3 awareness shifts and 3 steps that helped me become a successful leader.

I changed my ‘not enough believe’ to living from my Authentic power to becoming a successful leader.

To help you from my experience, I’ve put together a free guide, ‘6 Step Guideline to Create Your Perfect Transformation Plan with One of your Powers’

Quelle est la meilleure aide que l'intuition puisse apporter? J'ai mis en place un Guide gratuit «LIGNE DIRECTRICE EN 6 ÉTAPES POUR CRÉER VOTRE PLAN DE TRANSFORMATION DE L'INTUITION PARFAIT» qui résume et vous guide à travers les étapes. Mettez la main sur votre exemplaire gratuit ici.

I am a successful leader, an entrepreneur, the leader for my family, for my community. Now, additionally,  I am the Global Woman Club Paris director, a women network community. There are clubs in more than twenty countries, and Mirela Sula, the founder, and CEO is really empowering women, and I’m one of them. Watch this video (director Paris GWC) link: Grow Globally

This is what I want to talk to you about today, how to become a successful, happy leader and how you can unleash your Authentic Power.

And this is my hashtag #happy2succeed
Of where I am today, I hope to help you remove any limiting beliefs you may have.


  • Unconscious living = it’s living in constant fear, doubt, anxiety, questioning, suffering, surviving; you’ll never be and receive what you want
  • Conscious awakening = is living with the consciousness that we are ONE humanity, and that there is more to living than surviving, and there is more than enough for everyone, and that you can be, do and have anything you want.

And living from a place of unconscious living is very hard, and it doesn’t serve anyone

Do you feel you are living with your authentic power today?

if the answer is no, read up till the end:

So I will share with you 3 essential elements of how to awaken to consciousness, so stay there.

And the best thing that illustrates this way of change that I’ve been going thru is a book I have read very often from Dr. Wayne Dyer, talking about the  ‘10 secrets for success and inner peace.’

During my morning rituals, now for years, with my meditation, reading all those books, 7 spiritual laws of success: Dr. Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukav, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, it’s all about living with your authentic power.

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So either you awaken to know about that power, or you don’t. If you don’t know, you can’t benefit from it.

Through all my life of challenges, of desperate moments, as a single mother of my five sons, being a wife, a woman, a human, I discovered my authentic power. I have created my dream life; everything around me is my dream life, Love, abundance, joy, and harmony.

You may read more about my 7 secret life-dreams realized in 10 years; let me show you how dreams come true!

And I want that for you too!

That’s why, read till the end, because there is some powerful advice for you.

The huge changes happening now on the planet are here to give us, give you, give me time to reflect and learn how to live differently and use your authentic self, your authentic power.

With all the challenges you may be living in right now, maybe a new job, new relationship, and new places where to live, you may say: ‘oh my god, so many challenges’ oh my god, so many changes” this drives you towards a new YOU.

We all have been through a lot of very challenging times.

You may have been through something challenging, something dark, something dramatic, or something that keeps you from being who you are.  Because you are suffering and anxious.

The worthiness and feeling of not ‘being enough’ keep you away from the conscious awakening of who you truly are.

All of us, humanity, have been challenged, and there is a reason

3. Let’s first look at the 3 essential parts of the secrets of your authentic power

  • The power
  • The secret
  • Your authentic power


1. The power

The power is The authentic power that moves our Universe, and the authentic power around us makes it so perfect without us to do anything. Still, everything is being done, the seasons, the oceans and the tides, the plants growing, the Nature being Nature. All of this is the force field of our Earth, of the Universe, and we are part of it.

This is The power!

It is a mighty power. Because we don’t do anything, but all our Universe is working on automatic. It’s absolutely fabulous.

We are made, us humans of 5 senses,

  1. we see,
  2. we smell,
  3. we taste,
  4. we hear,
  5. we touch,

we make our life according to all of these five senses, but I have something great for you, but there more to that!!

There’s a multisensory power!! 

We all have the multisensory power inside of us

Let me tell you about it!

We need to elevate ourselves towards and with that power, for us and for others.

Now #2 let’s get into something even more exciting!!


2. The secret

You have more than the five senses,  your worthiness questioning, your fears are keeping you from taking the leap of faith; the secret here, because we are talking about the secret, is to trust and understand that there is an extreme power called Love.

It’s an energy, and we are made of that force field of Love; instead of staying in the fears and anxiety, take the leap of faith, and reach out to what is waiting for you on the other side.

I have built my very dream life for my family, my sons, my husband.

I have been doing that with intuition, with intention. I invite you to use that too and to do the same.

Because The secret is being one person that values more others than it values itself and values Love more than it values the physical world and what is in it.

I know it sounds totally unrealistic right now.

Meaning, value less the material (don’t put it a priority), put Love priority, and you’ll never miss anything. And value more the essential with your relationships with yourself and others.


3. Your authentic power

What is it?

Your Authentic power is to get into the multisensory experience of life, to live from a place of Love with intentions.

Your choice of intention creates your experience.

If you use only your five senses, it’s like in a crime scene, all the witnesses have seen but not really. Probably, we see but can’t trust what we see; we can’t trust what we hear. We can’t trust our five senses. And it has been proven by neuroscientists.  (Leonard Mlodinow, Ph.D., social neuroscience.)

We have something even more powerful.

We are multisensory beings living a spiritual experience.

So we can use something invisible, like the force field around the Earth, which is within us.


With meditation, with a mantra, with gratitude, to reach your intuition, imagination, willpower, and decision power, your creative power.

Now, which of these steps will you use to awaken your Authentic power? Please leave your comment below.

To help you amplify your intuition each day, I put 6 steps into a guide that you can read whenever you need. It’s free:
 My 6 Step Guideline To Create Your Perfect Transformation Plan with One Authentic Power

Quelle est la meilleure aide que l'intuition puisse apporter? J'ai mis en place un Guide gratuit «LIGNE DIRECTRICE EN 6 ÉTAPES POUR CRÉER VOTRE PLAN DE TRANSFORMATION DE L'INTUITION PARFAIT» qui résume et vous guide à travers les étapes. Mettez la main sur votre exemplaire gratuit ici.

Anything you’d add to this list? Anything you’re going to try? Let’s hear it!

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