Acknowledge your difference, your deep bliss, and put a ‘Happy’ smile on your face forever!

On this theme, I have more to tell you.

During my last six years at my Corporate job, I felt that I had something else to bring to the table. Something special, because I am special, we all are special, we all are one-of-a-kind!

I was telling them my difference but in a huge corporate-roller-machine, every little soldier has to stay in his/her place. From my very deep inner nature, a strong bliss of doing sales, or being brand ambassador to increase sales, was growing…. And, I was telling them my difference, I showed a business plan and projects, but they didn’t hear it. Didn’t want to hear it!

When in life you know deep down within you that you have a special bliss, you feel it and this strong warm feeling never quits!
“Joy comes from using your potential” Will Schultz, American Economist.
I was not joyous at my 9-5 job. I was happy to have a job, a good job, great colleagues, and a very good company to work with. But if from high in the sky, we zoomed down to me at my desk, …. That was not really thrilling.

Every day, I was thinking of doing something else,

And with the pioneering improve-sales project that I and supportive -female-managers proposed, I could have done wonders in this innovative world.

The truth is my path was beckoning me towards different horizons, different adventures.

Sound familiar?

And here I am, happy doing exactly what was right for me, creating, writing, and coaching.

Do you feel that corporate environment is providing you with a superb life experience?
Which steps do you take to fulfill your life passion?
How do you create the joy in your life, using YOUR potential?
What is your project?

If like me your path is beckoning you, talk with it, listen to your inner-voice, have a conversation with your inner you!

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