4. Reflection for construction

This will seem hard to you and maybe unconventional, but to be practical, use Destruction. (in the sense of cleaning up, of course).

Destruction for construction. Your self-analysis can shed light on your doubts- help you move on- help you to get answers.

Most of all, intuition helps clear your doubts. When you have doubts, suddenly you can find answers. Your answers will help you to move on in closing old habits, old toxic relationships, etc.…

Practical tips for your everyday life:

  • While communicating with others: Use your capacity of intuitive ‘reflection’ to pass on a message with softness, harmony to people around you. Don’t ignore your intuition messages.
  • Advice is not to use an excess of reaction into relationships, be reflective. Use your Energy for questioning yourself. Calmness, quietness, and compassion for yourself and others are always the best solutions to let intuition develop.
  • Same for health and wellness – the advice is to de-stress and relax – take time for you- use temperance. Practice meditation.
  • Lastly, clear up, clean up, and shed light on this, then you can go on towards your projects!

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5. What to eliminate from your Life?

As soon as intuition brings images, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, … Follow them…

If they come to you, there is a reason.

As a result, don’t let doubt, and conventional thinking barrier new opportunities.

Most of all, I recommend eliminating negative thoughts, negatives sentences:

Watch your words, watch your thoughts, avoid the followings:
It’ll never happen
I have no luck
I’m not able to do that
I only attract the bad stuff
I’m fed up with this
That’s not possible
I don’t believe it can happen to me

Replace violence, anger, aggressivity, aggressive & stress with patience & temperance, empathy in everything you do.

Your inspiration and intuition are at the basis of all actions. When your thoughts are composed of positive vibrations, your intuition will follow in positive ways too.

Pay attention to which energy you hold on to. For better RESULTS in your Life, there is no surprise when it comes to how in harmony, in alignment you have to be to benefit from getting more of your intuition.

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6. Inspired by an extraordinary project, or a high purpose

If YOU FEEL, you are in a hole, if you struggle with a personal or professional situation, you may have a feeling of an extraordinary project, burning inside.

Have you noticed that Life brings you challenges to get you on a learning route: I know about that, I went thru all of them; all.

Let me just share here a short story:

For the ones who don’t know about me, I’m the mother of 5 boys, single-mom at a time, went thru a lot of hurricanes and challenges in my life. For ten years, I was trapped in a toxic relationship, circumstances opened a way, so I could travel across borders and oceans to come back to my native country with my sons.

Twenty-three years ago, I lived in my mom’s tiny apartment with my 4 toddler-sons and my soon to be born little baby, for 3 years. So I know what struggle means. I was unemployed, with no money, no child-support, no belongings.

Only intuition brought forth ideas. I do believe that very strongly.
I should say, I’m convinced that when you want to transform your life, you feel this particular sense-perception as a starting point for new solutions. I recognized the concept of intuition as ways out of my blocked situation.

Therefore, magically, unconventionally, it all started with what I had inside, my inspiration and my intuition. Trying to hear that inner voice. And I did! There is a higher power there, in intuition. I did create an import business overseas, supported by my intuition, the vision of a new life. I used my most profound inner wisdom. With creativity.

Let’s check out if your project is in alignment with the perfect Divine Universe (no matter which religion, or philosophy you believe in), being aligned means doing the best for your and others.

Your typical projects are all fine if:

  • Your desire is to manifest abundance into your life,
  • You want to live a more comfortable life, in a different place, different country
  • Your desire is to get the job that you would like to do
  • your desire is to be healthy
  • your desire is to live a perfect, harmonious and loving relationship

All of these are excellent new projects to develop your intuition.

Consequently, your intuitive knowing becomes stronger once you make the decision to move on and get out of your difficult situation.

Then, intuition urges you towards happy coincidences.

In my story, I let intuition come to me, and I didn’t even know I was allowing inspiration and intuition are happening to me. It came! Let’s see below how…

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Due to intuition, and thanks to intuition, I could manifest more abundance, do something and act on it! And my life is a beautiful, loving journey, and I’m not alone…
There are several levels in a journey of transformation. Let inspiration, intuition, and positivity help you create your true highest YOU!
Read my amazing guide to help you here on your journey:

What’s the best help intuition can provide? I’ve put together a free Guide ‘6 STEP GUIDELINE TO CREATE YOUR PERFECT INTUITION TRANSFORMATION PLAN’ that summarizes and guide you through the steps. Get your hands on your free copy here.

And please, let me know, next week, next month, with the help of my 6 steps guide, how you are succeeding in transforming your life towards a life of balance, well-being, and happiness, via my contact form or leave a comment below.

Talk soon,
With Love,

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