We are human beings, and our essence is emotions.
Love is our natural natal feeling.
We are born to love and be loved.

Happiness is our birthright.

Success is defined by our self.

Other than that, in our natural biological evolution, we, human beings, need to act, to build, to create, to express ourselves.

It all starts with one thought!

All it takes is one simple thought! One great idea!

One single thought that will grow in your mind and this thought will create feelings.

So, to transform your life, you want to feel positive emotions. These positive feelings will make you a happy human being.

‘What you think about expand’!

I would like to share a little story here with you.

This story is about a little girl, and this little girl is me:

This takes place in my hometown, in the west part of France, during the school year, in elementary.

You know, I often think about my 10-year-old self, I was enrolled in a Christian institute with strict behavioral rules. I was surrounded by order and discipline.

Nevertheless, my thoughts were mine; and no one could take them away from me.

My only freedom was to dream, and it was always specifically when we crossed the rose garden with a view. The horizon was wide-open, available, for whoever wanted to look at it. Huge panoramic view of the countryside, the hills, and the sky. There was no limit to freedom, from a spiritual perspective.

I was free. And I behave as I wanted in my thoughts. This was creating real happiness for me, instantly.

Actually, I’ll tell you what my dreams were. But before, I have to admit and confess, they got realized ten years later and much more. Much more than I could ever expect.

In fact, I was dreaming about the United States, questioning myself about what were people doing. What was going on in the big cities? The skyscrapers, the high-rises, the traffic, the emotions that people have, living over there. I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to go there and live there.

A little more than ten years later, after graduation, I traveled there for vacations, and three years later, I moved on a long-term to live in Canada, and then the United States. My dreams became a reality!

Up to this day, I have lived there a total of 15 happy years of my life. And I have given birth to five beautiful sons, born and raised over there. And this makes me so happy and fulfilled.

There is no limit to your thoughts and your feelings.

No one will ever take them away from you.

“As you think so shall you be.”

And the best principles to live by:
“Surround yourself by the conditions you want to produce!” -Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Happiness, Success, and fulfillment: these are linked.

When you create your own happiness and your personal success, the exact way you want them, you create fulfillment.

We show up here on this earth with a purpose, that is our fulfillment. And achievement creates more happiness and abundance. Be on purpose with your own life.

On this subject, read my post on passion and fulfillment.

How to SPARK your True-LIFE PASSION into an enormous success and soon be featured on Forbes Richest List!

What to do Daily?

Your thoughts and feelings create actions. Choose wisely 🙂

Success and peace, bring happiness.

Every action in your day is a thought! I have learned that very intensely for the better in the last past years.

More than ever before.

And you should pay attention to that too.

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  • Thoughts are very powerful tools; everything that happens outside of you is not you. Create your world in your mind, in your thoughts. And your spiritual power will literally create what you are wishing, and willing, and thinking, and feeling.

You are what you think about!

What creates your happiness and your success to make you live a healthier, harmonious, well-balanced, better life?

  • Make a personal commitment to do what you love and love what you do. This is how you will get abundance in every aspect of your life. This is how you will tune in for your happiness.

Don’t look outside yourself for it.

There are 4 points you need to keep in the positive-gauge to amplify the ‘better life’ you are living:

  • Relationship: Don’t let emotions destroy your days. Emotions are choices. Conflict is a violation of harmony. Be kind in all circumstances. Thought for peace in every occasion and laughter, as often as possible, as a relaxation session.
  • Health physical & emotional: if you think peaceful thoughts, you will feel peaceful emotions, same with your body which is the carrier of you, of your soul on this earth. Be compassionate with yourself. And indulge your body with beneficial power-nutrients. Avoid toxic habits.
  • Prosperity: I have known poor, I have known rich! Prosperity and abundance make sense and are enjoyable only when the other two points above are constructive. Richness doesn’t bring happiness.
    • Cherish your values,
    • Treasure your family,
    • Value your lover,
    • Prize your partner-in-life,
    • Appreciate what you already have.
    • Be grateful with a smile on your face. And more will come to you. I promise!
  • Present Time: this is the greatest ingredient, within your thoughts, that will bring you the ultimate happiness each and every day. How? Enjoying the moment is the perfect balance to a happy life. Avoid saying this: “I’ll be happy when….”

    When you find happiness enjoying every single moment of your life, there is no more pressure.

Don’t expect a Miracle, BE A MIRACLE

To help you, I have created a unique book, completely free

Enjoy the reading, and let me know how’s your happiness level today?

Check out my other blog post on my dreams realized, smoothly and harmoniously.

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